Trending and Popular applications

In liquit Workspace 3.8 we’ve introduced enrichment of packages created with the Setup Store connector. The following fields were automatically provisioned for your managed package: Excerpt, Description and Website:

In Liquit Workspace 3.9 we’ve introduced new features for the Catalog, which extend this functionality.

Applications that are used most will be shown as trending and popular applications, in the end-user’s catalog. The system will automatically manage these lists based on application usage within your Liquit Workspace.

Let’s have a closer look at how the Catalog now looks like. The Latest, Popular and Trending lists have been added.

In this environment the Latest list shows that these five applications are the last five applications which have been added to the Catalog:

Out of these, when you click Anaconda 3, the Excerpt and Description of this application is shown like this:

When you click ‘Website’, you will be redirected to the Product landing page for this particular application.

When you select Microsoft Teams from the Latest list, you will notice that we’ve added ‘Media’ for this application. In this case a banner and a link to a YouTube video:

The Welcome to Microsoft Teams YouTube video is used here:

And the banner is used for when the item is ‘Featured’:

When the checkbox ‘Featured on the catalog’ is checked, this package shows up as ‘Featured’ in the Catalog:

We will add these kind of Media items to Setup Store titles over time. Do give us feedback through the Liquit feedback portal to prioritize this.

When we look at the Popular list, this shows which applications are most popular over a period of one month:

The Trending list shows the applications which are more recent and became popular over a period of less than a week:

One feature which has been in Liquit Workspace before, but which might be nice to mention here is the ‘Show active apps’ option. This one can be set by the administrator using Manage, Portal, User Settings:

If you check this checkbox, the Catalog also shows which applications already have been selected (using ‘Get’) for the Workspace:

Compared to those which are available for selection:

Notice the difference in the background color of select-able versus selected applications.

All of these new catalog options are of course not limited to Setup Store applications. You can add catalog data and Media to any package you like: